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Captured Transience

Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn Art Space
168 7th Street, Third Floor, 718.858.9069
Brooklyn Misc.
November 2 - November 19, 2012
Reception: Friday, November 16, 4 - 6 PM
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Aimee Hertog curates Captured Transience, featuring Natalie Abrams, Aimee Hertog and Destry Sparks

In Captured Transience, each artist addresses the theme of time and eventual decay in their work. Hertog uses a symbolic crone, a figure scorned because she’s aged and overweight. Hertog also employs other figures that seem to be captured by fleeting moments in time as well as already decayed organic material in her installations and photos. Sparks uses discarded items including bottle caps and rusted mechanical parts. From nature he borrows weathered pinecones and parched white bones. Despite the dilapidated condition of the materials he works with, his titles suggest a purpose for all things by divine providence. Abrams uses wax ribbons as correlative of “Textures associated with specific tangible experiences.” She references the way those life experiences are processed by emotion and memory, which fade deteriorated life. Ultimately, in all three of the artists work life is made more precious by addressing its transience.
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