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The Quantum Effect, Curated by David Gibson

The Active Space
566 Johnson Ave, 646-284-6364
November 30, 2012 - January 13, 2013
Reception: Friday, November 30, 7 - 10 PM
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Featuring artists Jonathan Feldschuh, MaDora Frey, Thomas Frontini, Carter Hodgkin, Elissa Levy, Anne Arden McDonald, Alexander Reyna, Jeanne Tremel, Michael Zansky

There are three questions that occur to anyone who looks at a work of art: What?...Why?...How? The work of art has a purpose in informing our view of the world, and perhaps, if it is successful enough, in effecting the world itself by adding a layer of meaning to what is known. “The Quantum Effect” explores the relationship between beauty, the known, and the unknown. It relates to a shared understanding through the standards of scale and perspective, parsing the degree to which art represents a paradoxical view of reality. Looking at any work of art, we at first have to render it as real, and then as beautiful, or at least useful. If it is both real and beautiful, then its use is predetermined as making the world beautiful and giving praise to real things. If it is neither, then we will have to ask the other two questions. If we get to how then we are looking at it in an entirely different manner, because our questions have entered into the metaphysical, into definitions of reality and utility, and through layers of paradox.

THE ACTIVE SPACE 566 Johnson Avenue, entrance on Stewart Ave Directions: L train to Jefferson Street, cross Flushing Ave, turn left, then first right on Stewart Ave, 2 blocks to last door just before you reach Johnson Ave
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