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Cynthia Broan Gallery
546 West 29th Street, 212-760-0809
February 23 - April 1, 2006
Reception: Thursday, February 23, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

[The top pick status is based mainly on the 50-minute film, which starts on the hour. Don’t miss it. -ed.]

Featuring: Brock Enright, Ivan Hürzeler, Erik L. Barnes, Sonia Bedikian, Theodore Bouloukos, James Case, Grant Cornett, Richard Dacey, Catherine Delavigne, Maggie Dickinson, Angelique Everett, Mark Gibson, Brandon Hoy, Matt Jones, Daniel Joseph, Chris Kent, Maurina Lioce, Jody Lee Lipes, Bryant MacMillan, Philip Manley, Albert Minerolyn Morrison, Dee Nowitzky, Josh Nowitzky, Jessica O’Grady Marsh, Marko Orso, Paulo Padilha, Chris Parachini, Dominque Porter, Thommy Prin, Mark Sarosi, Tim Soete, Ross Steeves & Jennifer Zakrzewski

Forest is a collaborative project by Brock Enright and Ivan Hürzeler based on a documented five-day group encounter they created in August 2005. All of the participants will be invited to reunite for the installation of the exhibition, which will include sculpture, video and photographs, in tandem with the premiere of Forest, an hour-long movie by Ivan Hürzeler.

In Forest, we follow a young woman who rises from underwater and crosses a great distance to find other people like her, dressed in athletic uniform and camping in a great forest. Each day is progressively more chaotic, until a crisis occurs and the athletes must leave.

Forest is Hürzeler’s second movie to premier at the gallery. His movies screened at international film festivals in France and Germany in 2004. He received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1995 and lives and works in New York and Los Angeles.

Enright, a New York artist, received his MFA at Columbia University in 2001. His work was recently included in Expander at London’s Royal Academy, and Greater New York at P.S.1. He had his first solo exhibition, Raising Dead Mothers, at Vilma Gold, London in 2005, and his adaptation of Freidrich Schiller’s 1781 play The Robbers is currently playing at the German National Theater in Weimar, Germany.

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