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Participant Inc.
253 East Houston Street, 212-254-4334
East Village / Lower East Side
March 10 - April 2, 2006
Reception: Friday, March 10, 7 - 9 PM
Web Site

Participating artists include: Mari Araki, Lutz Bacher, Kevin Blechdom, Keith Boadwee, Daniel Bozhkov, Lindsay Brant, Kathe Burkhart, AK Burns, Chicks on Speed, L.M. Childs, Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan, Nicole Eisenman, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Eve Fowler, Gelitin, Paige Gratland, K8 Hardy, Rachel Harrison, Lisa Kirk, Christian Lemmerz, Ellen Lesperance & Jeanine Oleson, Miranda Lichtenstein, Catherine Lord, Rachel Lowther, Keith Mayerson, Carrie Moyer, Ulrike Müller, Eileen Myles, Laura Parnes, Lisi Raskin, Ashley Reid, Lisa Sanditz, Emily Sartor, Lara Schnitger, Lori E. Seid, Amy Sillman, Gwen Smith, Brian St. Cyr, A.L. Steiner, The Third Leg, Nicola Tyson, Claude Wampler, Laurie Weeks, Goody-B. Wiseman, Suzanne Wright

Ridykeulous is a collaborative effort on the part of the two curators to subvert the languages, both theoretical and visual, which are commonly used to define Feminist or Lesbian art. By exploiting the style of a periodical and borrowing heavily from the aesthetic sensibilities of Oezine culture, concert promo-flyers, and counter-culture manifestos, Ridykeulous purports to distill a cultural moment or tap into the blood and guts of an underground movement. However, using as a starting point cultural stereotypes about Lesbian art as some sort of ³alternative² genre or movement, Ridykeulous seeks the erosion of such conceits and the attendant limitations placed on a culture forced to operate as an alternative, rather than a viable contributor to the conversation at large. Ridykeulous constructs a counter-narrative that no longer adheres to the rules and definitions of either approach.

Multiple works included in the exhibition engage with both the traditional art-historical position of the female subject and the modern commodification of female artists and their work. Ridykeulous proposes an inquiry into how these relationships are reversed, inverted, or made obsolete, utilizing a conscientious play with modes of representation present in pop culture, advertising, and the visual arts.

As Eisenman and Steiner have noted about their publication:

Ridykeulous will tell you everything and nothing and plunge you into an abyss of fury. It is not nice. It is foolhardy. Ridykeulous is a confrontational mélange of recipes, poems, celebrity interviews, facts, fictions, accusations, jokes, sex, advice, merchandise, violence, puzzles, and luxurious artworks available and unavailable for your home. It is a publication with which to fulfill all of your lifestyle needs and decorate your communities. If you are one of those people questioning what is happening on planet earth, the womyn of Ridykeulous and a few of their male enemies purport to have the answer. We will meet your requirements and surpass your expectations, allowing us to serve you better.
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