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In Other Words

Naked Duck Gallery
66 Jackson Street, 718-609-4096
March 17 - May 16, 2006
Reception: Friday, March 17, 7 - 10 PM
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IN OTHER WORDS is a group show examining why and how text is used in visual artwork.

In 1961, Roger Sperry opened up a live human skull, laid back the brain’s coverings and snipped the exposed corpus callosum, forever disturbing the patient’s communication between the left and right brain hemispheres. In the days that followed, the patient’s wife was shocked to be attacked with punches from her husband’s left arm while his right arm gallantly defended her. With his brain split in two, patterns of discordance manifested themselves in a series of similarly odd behavior. When his right arm would pull his pants down, for example, the left would pull them up. For the rest of his conflicted existence, the patient’s left brain interpreted words that his confused right could only draw. We now understand that each side of the brain is responsible for different functions. The left masters logical thinking, analysis, accuracy, and writing while the right controls emotives, creativity, and aesthetics. By combining the power of language with visual mediums, the talented artists of IN OTHER WORDS fortify our corpus callosum, bringing a more holistic understanding to concepts as complex as love, death, art, sound, and intention.

Expect video messages appropriated from public bathroom stalls, a ceiling projection where birds spell out Japanese existentialism, photographs corresponding with Edgar Lee Masters’ The Spoon River Anthology, newspaper collage that mimics New York City’s vociferous environment, a collection of hand drawn CVs, and an audience specified word installation.

Exhibiting artists are: Adam Chapman, Craig Colorusso, TJ Maher, Christa Parravani, and Arri Weeks.
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