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Sherrie Levine: Men, Women & Dogs

Paula Cooper (534 West 21st)
534 West 21st Street, 212-255-1105
March 25 - April 22, 2006
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The exhibition will present new bronze sculpture cast from found objects, as well as several series of recent works on paper. The sculpture includes phrenology heads (named after the scientific theory popular in the 19th century which stated that a personís character could be read by measuring the shape of his skull); a sculptural pair consisting of an iron (resembling Man Rayís Cadeau, 1921) and a hunting dog with a goose in its mouth; a human jawbone; and Man, a hybrid form of a tree trunk and a manís coat.

Men, Women and Dogs is the title of an anthology of cartoons by humorist James Thurber. The book was published in 1943 with a preface by Dorothy Parker and contains a large selection of Thurberís acerbic and zany cartoons published in the New Yorker in the ‘30s.

In a review of Men, Women and Dogs, Clement Greenberg wrote:

The convulsive passes Thurber’s creatures make at one another, their bursts of violence, exhibitionism and irrelevance, express the profoundest dissatisfaction with contemporary experience and, by inference, with society.
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