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Camille Rose Garcia: Subterranean Death Clash

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor, 212-243-3822
April 1 - April 29, 2006
Reception: Saturday, April 1, 6 - 8 PM
Web Site

Using narrative and fairytale structures, Garcia explores a futuristic scenario in which an overpopulated, overdeveloped world is forced to move into a series of underground caves. The exhibition includes nearly forty pieces, comprised of paintings, drawings, wall murals and a sculptural installation.

Through metaphor and symbolism, Garcia illustrates her cultural commentary of a world destroyed by the military industrial complex, overpopulation, and imperialism. The Royal Disorder, an elite group led by General Disorder and his army of poison bottles and castles, slash and burn their way through many different underworlds until they dig their way into the final cavern, the Land of the Dead. There they battle cave swans and death armies in a final Subterranean Death Clash. Garcia explains,

The Royal Disorder represents a capitalistic society at the end of it’s rope. These parasitic creations dig underground, blind with over consumption, and ultimately dig their own graves, a metaphor for how we live exploiting all of our resources.” Antarctic Suburban Outpost, the only painting that is stationed above ground, depicts the most elusive creature in the world, the Giant Squid, land marooned, as even the bottom of the sea has become uninhabitable.

Through beautiful line work and acute stylization, Garcia’s Subterranean Death Clash presents a psychological retreat, a cultural mirror that is violent, fashionable, and political.

The Earth is older than humans and will rebound, but the fate of our species seems to be precarious at best. I try to be positive and use humor in my work, even while knowing this.

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