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Fine Art in Space
10-47 48th Avenue, 718-392-7766
Long Island City
April 22 - May 26, 2006
Reception: Saturday, April 22, 7 - 9 PM

PodART II, further explores the initial inspiration of the video as a sculptural object and the continual contemporary fetish of the smaller more intimate viewing object.

Video works vary from: Jeff Wyckoff’s, Blood Lust, micro-imaging of the artist’s own blood; Adam Stennett’s, Mouse Swimming Overhead Remix, an ethreal imaging of a mouse swimming in a circular viewing panel; Artist’s Lament, a theatrical music video by the rock/art band Maxi Geil and Play Colt; and As many times as necessary, a confessional-like relationship collection by Sandra Bermudez

Included in the exhibition are: Axel Antas, Raul Ortega Ayala, Sandra Bermudez, Erica Eyres, Dan Golden, Graham Hudson, Kelly King , Liz Magic Laser, Nelson Loskamp, Maxi Geil and Play Colt, Demetrios Meares, Erik Nauman, Mark Pacheco, Brion Paul, Jean Pigozzi, Brian Raguskus, David Robbins, Emily Roz, RSG, Annie Schap, Adam Stennett, Spencer Tunick, Ben Weiner, Jeff Wyckoff

Each video object is a limited edition and is sold in iPod format with the player.
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