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Bad Hare Day – Jason Cole Mager: Video and Drawings

Brooklyn Fire Proof (Richardson)
101 Richardson Street, between Leonard St. and Meeker Ave., 718-302-4702
January 7 - February 5, 2005
Reception: Friday, January 7, 8 - 11 PM
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A series of drawings centered on a video piece by New York based artist Jason Cole Mager, help convey the process by which the artist integrates a single image into every facet of his life. In “Bad Hare Day,” the reoccurring image of a hare plagues Mager until he is compelled to have it permanently etched and painted into his body, as a tattoo. Mager consoles himself further by drawing and recreating the image on paper. The large reproductions represent the realization of a personal icon permanently marking Mager’s own body.

Also on display, an installation by fellow New York based artist Michael Yinger and photographs by Jeffrey Kilmer. Yinger’s artwork is mass-made. Yinger typically amasses hundreds of used, often discarded objects such as pens or bullet casings and methodically arranges as many of the object he can find to form something new and unknown. Yinger often contemplates the objects past life, or projects the objects ability to exist in the form of a new geometric shape.

With a certain fetish quality and flare, New York photographer Kilmer spent years documenting a group of young males averaging 20 years of age. The subjects are hyper fashionably conscious and emote an underlying desire to be photographed the way an emerging rock star prays for the cover of a magazine. The portraits capture a trend often found in youth today “If I can’t be a rock star, I might as well be confused for one.”

At 10:00 PM, a multi media live performance by Nicedisc, the laptop audio-video duo of Jeff Pash and Nick Phillips, utilizes laptops and custom-built audio-video improvisation software to allow them the flexibility to re-imagine the possibilities of video in the live setting. The duo has been performing across the country since early 1999, and earlier this year released its debut DVD “Untitled”. Nicedisc’s current work is an exploration of sonic and visual minimalism, inspired by the work of the 1960s structural school of film.

After Party at 12 Midnight at M Shanghai Bistro, 129 Havemeyer St. between Grand and South 1st, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211 tel 718 384 9300
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