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Oscar Muñoz, Tatiana Parcero, Sono Osato

Monica Lorduy
138 Broadway, Suite 1E, 718-599-3127
May 6 - June 30, 2006
Reception: Saturday, May 6, 7 - 10 PM

Oscar Muñoz, Tatiana Parcero, Sono Osato share various concerns associated with pictographic imagery, layered information and time. The multi-media works of Oscar Munoz seek to represent the complexities of identity, through photographic filtration methods as well as sculptural minded manipulations of objects and figurative images. The visible, invisible and the transparent qualities of life are reflected in this Cali, Colombia-based artist’s ouvre. Buenos Aires-based Tatiana Parcero creates self portrait photography works layered with scientific, cartographic and pre-Colombian iconographic imagery resulting in metaphorical explorations of the female body’s role in the course of sexual politics as well as personal histories. Parcero’s use of her own body in her work suggests a complex self-understanding as well as a broad understanding of societal responsibility. Brooklyn-based Sono Osato works with technological detritus and oil paint to create very physical works. Looking at her pieces is like experiencing an archeological expedition within a picture. The history of discarded machine parts, and impasto surfaces recall the works of Anselm Kiefer and Jean Dubuffet.
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