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WoMa: Women Making Art

Andre Schlechtriem
600 Washington Street, 212-929-6119
Greenwich Village
May 6 - June 17, 2006
Reception: Saturday, May 6, 6 - 8 PM
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This is the gallery’s first group show. This all female cast will be drawn together for the first time to focus on specific aspects of women working in art today.

Artists Include: Emanuelle Antille, Carla Arocha, Nina Lola Bachhuber, Ursula Döbereiner, Birgit Megerle, Ena Swansea and Amelie von Wulffen.

This exhibition includes drawings, paintings, sculpture and video.

Emanulle Antille lives and works in her native Lausanne, Switzerland. Having exhibited in solo shows globally (Tokyo, Zurich and Chicago.), in 2003 her work was chosen to represent her country at the Swiss Pavilion at the Bienalle di Venezia. Her video Angel’s Camp (21 min.) affords an intimate insight into a group of fictive misfits; Their own small society, based in play and sexual exploration turns strange and dystopic, more Grimm than Robinson Crusoe; raucous play give way to violence and magic.

Venezuelan artist Carla Arocha comes to us from Antwerp, represented here by a 5-panel abstraction, Smoke. Representative of her oeuvre, Smoke speaks of the assimilation of modernist abstraction in visual culture, rendering it nearly invisible. Her atmospheric yet repeating imagery finds its home in optical effects found in nature and diagrams of visual perception. She currently has a solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Bern.

Nina Lola Bachhuber, German born painter and sculptor, lives and works in New York. Her varied work ranges form drawings to sculptures constructed from varied materials. Her work manages to range from Minimalist austerity to elegant facility. Her sculptures speak of mass production and the woven, handmade personal objects.

German born Birgit Megerle, who hails from Berlin, drafts subjects in repose, pensive and inviting. Her characters seem held, still and momentarily breathless. The two include works, sketched in colored pencil, represent youth in contemplative poses, like a photographic still waiting for a moment to move.

Ursula Döbereiner, German, Berlin creates drawings, unique wallpaper and installations. Speaking of her ballpoint pen drawings of horror film stills, Oliver Koerner von Gustorf writes “Characteristic of the genre is the element of disillusionment, the distanced view of apparently banal circumstantial evidence- furnishing, clothing, body posture, car and cigarette brands in which the protagonists’ motives are just as reflected as in their language” The eight drawings on display are from the series The Exorcist. These woks fail to survive photographic reproduction; in person these works are emblematic, personal, striking and while they were drawn from the flickering eye of cinema, when reproduced they seem to vanish, becoming specters their original context.

Ena Swansea lives and works in New York. This internationally acclaimed artist employs a unique use of material and technique to give her paintings a mysterious and often sinister glow. Working in oil paint on a graphite ground turns the surface of the canvas into a silver – black and incandescent haze, which both refracts and consumes light. The soft and loose brush strokes make the figures appear ghostly, frail – floating in dream-space.

Amelie von Wulffen lives and works in Berlin making drawings and photography. These works stem from everyday reality and create an analysis of society as a whole, drawing from the influence of cinematic montage. She will be showing a landscape drawing of acrylic, and India ink on paper.
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