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Big Stuff: New Brooklyn Installation Art


eyewash @ Supreme Trading
213 North 8th Street, between Driggs and Roebling, 718-387-2714
June 2 - June 26, 2006
Reception: Friday, June 2, 7 - 10 PM
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Curated by eyewash.

participating artists: Peter Barrett Thomas Broadbent Mark Esper David Kramer Eung Ho Park Bob Seng & Lisa Hein William Powhida

participating performers: Ken Butler, David Kramer, Lisa Levy and William Powhida

There will be performances from 10PM – midnight on June 2nd.

William Powhida will be reading a eulogy at 10pm, to evoke the days when Williamsburg was

“just low-risk, without being particularly experimental.”—Becky Smith, (Bellwether deceased, 2004)

BIG STUFF is a group exhibition of Brooklyn-based artists who are currently working on a scale that directly challanges the vast confines (63 running feet by 14 foot ceilings) of the project space located at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While this space has dwarfed many traditional exhibitions in this European style exhibition hall the invited artists will utilize height & width in creating memorable artworks that include both traditional materials as well as new technology. BIG STUFF demonstrates the fact that installation art is alive & well & happening in Brooklyn.

Peter Barrett is interested in breaking down the boundaries between genres, & attempts to create a tension as to where his work belongs in the painting/sculpture/installation continuum.

Thomas Broadbent desires the viewer to become part of his hanging multi-media installation and feels that art-as-entertainment allows the viewer to interact with the art and enjoy.

With the installation titled “It’s in the air, an uplifting experience” Mark Esper intends to surprise and confound expectations through a visceral experience delivered upon a fragile orb.

Narrative artist David Kramer’s installation recreating parts of his studio as well as glimpses into his own fragile mental state.

Eung Ho Park creates a curtain of dozens of eyes drawn on nine inch discs that refers to everything from the voyeur to the Zen Buddhist contemplative visionary.

The installation duo of Bob Seng & Lisa Hein create large-scale banners in the courtyard directly in front of the project space.

William Powhida is known for his insulting narrative drawings but here he creates a personal statement, a large coffin like structure in memory of the “passing-away of Williamsburg, Brooklyn as a vital art scene”.
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