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The Name of This Show is not GAY ART NOW


Paul Kasmin (10th Avenue)
293 Tenth Avenue, 212-563-4474
June 8 - July 14, 2006
Web Site

Look, I’m really sorry about how late you’re all receiving this announcement. I’ve curated this summer group show for Paul Kasmin Gallery which opens June 8th at 293 Tenth Avenue. There is an opening from 6-8 pm, and you should come, it’ll be fun. The name of this show is not GAY ART NOW.

It seems to me the notion of Gay Art is somewhat passé and this show is an ode to its passing. It includes work by over fifty artists, not all of whom are gay, identify as gay, and not all of whom are living. The name of this show is not Gay Art Now. Maybe the link being made is about sensibility, maybe it’s about society. – Jack Pierson

Here’s a partial list of the artists.

Antony is showing his drawings for the first time in New York. Jonathan Horowitz is exhibiting a new work, his boyfriend Rob Pruitt is also exhibiting with a new work. The entire space at 511 West 27th Street will be devoted to an installation by Stephan Tashjian, as known as Tabboo! Tabboo! has been a well known performance artist and painter since arriving in New York in the eighties. We will also include a work by Matthew Barney for his willingness to “go there” and unsurprisingly because he is cute.

Kembra Pfahler, who like Antony is well known as a Rock n’ Roll star, will display a recent drawing. Mike Diana, the only person in the United States who has been arrested for drawing. Deborah Kass will be represented by an early portrait of Cindy Sherman as Liza Minnelli. We will have a beautiful Robert Indiana sculpture from the sixties. Women artists, another nomenclature as scary as “Gay Art” are represented by Nan Goldin, Collier Schorr and Elizabeth Peyton. They also provide the only homoerotic tendencies in this provocatively titled little show.
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