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Larger Moments

Naked Duck Gallery
66 Jackson Street, 718-609-4096
June 9 - July 9, 2006
Reception: Friday, June 9, 7 - 10 PM
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Drawings, wax paintings, and installation by Ivan Gaete and Joanne Ungar

Time is relative, or so goes the saying. Time is a construct but one that flies, runs out, takes, spends, and lasts forever. The artists of LARGER MOMENTS have created images that accent time lapses and how though captured, they can span, how though passing, they can impact. These works create an environment where appreciation and contemplation bloom like the strange organic shapes and systems of which the show is comprised.

Gaete’s sculpture\ collage\ drawings and Ungar’s layered wax paintings are visual descriptions of light travel, data transmission, and the motion of moments. Ungar builds colorfully vibrant layers of pigment infused beeswax and resins where circles and rings float nestled in grids and out of reach. Gaete breaths life into data, skews meanings into glorious arrangements, and transcribes an alphabet who’s Rosetta Stone is one’s own deep meditation. In this fashion, both artists start with a basic geometry. The materials are then manipulated like woven textiles, resulting in pieces that are multi-dimensional, with complex yet orderly grids measuring nature’s immeasurable chaos.

The show will be hung unconventionally and include a collaborative wall installation.
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