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CRG Presents: Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery


CRG Gallery
548 West 22nd Street, 212-229-2766
June 28 - July 28, 2006
Reception: Wednesday, June 28, 6 - 8 PM
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CRG invites Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery to occupy its space for the month of July. Klaus has been a longtime friend of CRG and with the growing success of the program at Klaus’ gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, now in its second year of operation; it was decided that CRG would offer its space to Klaus with full creative and curatorial control.

Klaus von Nichtssagend has taken this opportunity to occupy the space not in terms of a curated exhibition alone but as a fully emulated space; recreating the storefront façade of the Brooklyn gallery within CRG’s space, creating a secondary point of entry into a space that is both self contained and self sufficient, complete with a recreated gallery office and working gallery staff.

The space will function as an operating gallery showing a group exhibition with work by Klaus’ artists. In this form a fulcrum arises between the function of the exhibition space, with its infrastructure and capacity as a dedicated venue, and as a context more aware of its position and action. There is a reframing that occurs through nuanced styling of the space in terms of artifice and theater that allows the gallery to become more integrated and involved with what is being shown within it. CRG becomes externalized to some degree, carrying on as usual in a managerial sense but from an outer stratum. Klaus von Nichtssagend operates as well but within the confines of an emulatory scaffold and in more performative terms, as if the same store front reconstructed here still opened onto Union Avenue next to the falafel stand and the Korean health-food market.

One could argue that there is always a degree of theater present in the exhibition space, and surely that is true. In this case however one cant make the reduction of a play within a play alone, but perhaps more pertinent would be a market within a market as the world we know as the art world struggles to diversify as a means of outrunning its own grossly expanding volume.


Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery is pleased to present itself. Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the past two years, the gallery has shown emerging artists from around the world working in a variety of media. This show features the work of 17 artists who have exhibited at the Union Avenue space.

While the majority of the gallery’s shows since opening have been first-time solo exhibitions, this show brings together a collection of the artists to reflect the curatorial program of the gallery as a whole. The show is organized in two parts. The larger space will display installation-based, photographic and painted works, while an adjoining exhibition room will feature drawings and works on paper.

The artists featured in the show are: Glen Baldridge, Matthew Chase, Donna Chung, Alex Dodge, Joseph Hart, Pamela Jorden, Pali Kashi, Samuel Lopes, Liz Luisada, Timothy Marvel Hull, Thomas Øvlisen, Ian Pedigo, Jenny Ping, Rindfleisch/Rapedius, Teresa Seemann, Barry Stone and Anna Tanner.
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