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Summer Group Show & Auction

3rd Ward
195 Morgan Avenue, 718.715.4961
June 23 - July 15, 2006
Reception: Friday, June 23, 6 - 9 PM
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3rd Ward’s Summer Group Show & Auction, features works by a variety of artists that span the spectrum from emerging to museum-shown, local to international, understated to daring. The mixed-media show fills 3rd Ward’s public halls, interacting with the facility’s flowing architecture and fueling its bustling workspaces.

Upon entering 3rd Ward, visitors are greeted by Isaac Sprachman’s Harmonic Generator, a 10’ x 4’ interactive musical instrument. When engaged, brushes gently stroke the strings on this metallic monster. Susan Classen-Sullivan’s whimsical sculptures seem to hide darkness behind shades of pink and toy-like sensibilities, while Tim Clifford’s model towers and blank billboards search longingly for quieter times. Portraiture takes on an interesting twist in Bill Durgin’s series of photographs portraying dancers as mounds of flesh in empty urban interiors, whereas Debora Siegel’s highly personal shots prod at a familial tug-of-war.

Drawing is well represented in the show with rule base works by Briony Barr and eerie tents by Clare Grill. Other works by Isidro Blasco, Alix Winsby, Mark Epstein, Maureen Shields, Cindy Moore, Diane Carr, Libran Bevington, Patrick Berran, Amy Talluto, Jolynn Krystosek, Justin Dean, Alissa Eberle, Yury Spektor, Denis DeSpirito, Elia Bettagio, Tony Patti, Victoria Rich, and many more, include painting, installation, drawing, sculpture and photography.

A Live Auction will be held on July 15, 2006.
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