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Manic and Wasted (fragile flower underfoot)


Lower Manhattan Cultural Council: 15 Nassau Street
15 Nassau Street, 212-219-9401
Tribeca / Downtown
August 5 - August 19, 2006
Reception: Saturday, August 5, 6 - 10 PM
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Curated by Randall Garrett

Featured artists: Eric Doeringer, Donna Huanca, Mariana Saldana, Robert Moore, Teresa O’Connor, Paul Slocum, Pedro Velez, Jason Villegas

Drawing from personal experience and extreme states of social interaction, the exhibition will explore a range of artistic expression from dionysian heights to catatonic depths.

Slated for the landmark former bank lobby of the Equitable Building one block from the New York Stock Exchange at 15 Nassau, the exhibition will consist of a sprawling mess of temporary installations in various media, opening nite artist and band performances, hacked-video projections, fake myspace pages and exhibition posters, and a blue-screen video of . . . a blue-screen.

Join us as we traverse a veritable artistic collective unconcious, through labyrythine mazes of imagination, amped-up sensory and visual wanderings, and general confusion in the search for elusive beauty trampled underfoot.

Brooklyn-based bootleg artist Eric Doeringer will present a boutique of polo shirts with crude, hand-sewn logos alongside a minimalist blue-screen video piece.

Bolivian American artist Donna Huanca, currently in the Skowhegan artist resident program, will show a new fabric installation depicting the pursuit of Che Guevera through her ancestral homeland.

Robert Moore of Dallas will organize an installation of painted and fetishized objects from everyday life, in an opening nite performance which blends elements of shamanism and modernity.

Houston artist Teresa O’Connor presents a video installation comprised of multiple imagined characters, “amalgamations of persons and moments”, in which she plays each one, snatching dream-like scenarios from verisimilitude.

Maria Saldana / Kunstfascion, also from Houston, will perform a one-person fashion show and music performance on opening nite. Consisting of found, torn and reassembled materials, her work has a brutal elegance. “What will the fascists wear today?”, her glamorous sweat-beaded face asks, staring out from a bombed-out backdrop.

Paul Slocum of Dallas has travelled the world performing with his vintage video hacker duo Treewave. He will unveil a new video projection of artificially constructed rapidly animated web pages of faux-MTV extraction.

Puerto Rican artist Pedro Velez’s tilted temporary wall slab will be complemented by his faked Myspace page “hellinlambuc” Leaning at an dangerous angle, the graffiti and poster marred wall of “MILOSEVIC” uses images of bruised and beautiful models to advertise for art exhibitions that never were. Mr. Velez appears courtesy of Galleria Commercial in Puerto Rico.

Jason Villegas, currently in the grad program at Rutgers University in New Jersey, is interested in “clutter…boners…quiet places…katamari…bear porn…waste management…3rd world…$”. His monumental soft-sculptures mangle and re-configure existing fashion logos in his own image.

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