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Máximo González

Art & Idea
529 West 20th Street, Floor 7, 212 462 2600
September 7 - October 12, 2006
Reception: Thursday, September 7, 6 - 9 PM
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Máximo González presents a site specific installation as well as related sculptures and drawings made out of cut paper money, His work implies a thorough action that cites and reinvents certain trades; in configuring each piece the artist develops on techniques like sowing, drawing, painting, structure-building, designing. These practices find themselves involved in experimental procedures that crisscross the materials themselves from one technique to another. The relations founded to generate these new links arise from the reflection exercised at the moment of their appropriation.

In all of these practices, the raw materials are taken from the environment (both physical and media-born); they are objects of everyday use, carriers of multiple symbolisms. Máximo’s impulse to disarm the meanings intrinsic to these elements provides these with diverse possible themes and stories.

The work that best and most directly exposes this way of constructing meanings are the drawings made out of devaluated paper currency. The implications of the use and value of money on the one hand, and the images portrayed in the bills on the other, become narratives of the mural that expands throughout the gallery space in an invasive manner.

The central piece is the spangle camouflage designed to express man’s compulsion for armed confrontation. The artist disguises this terror with lights and glamour, hoping for this torment to come to an end. This waiting unfolds in the dreamlike drawing of a dead nature that reinforces the plea: the fall of a soldier being filled with life, his body clambered up by pumpkin flowers; all multi-vocally embellishing the disgrace. Manifold meanings underlie this figure through diverse cultural interpretations; the pumpkin, as a sign of prosperity, longevity, resolution of conflicts, union or as a symbol of what is false, of what is loose, insubstantial, hollow or pretend.

The waiting turned into conflict is resolved in an artistic experience which meticulously uncovers the visual metaphors proposed in these image/tales uplifted by an esthetic enchantment.
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