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Adventura: photography of unexpected places

Moti Hasson Gallery (old location)
330 West 38th Street, Suite 211, 212-268-4444
Hell's Kitchen
September 7 - October 14, 2006
Reception: Thursday, September 7, 6 - 8 PM
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Participating Artists: Shuli Hallak, Emily Keegin, Eric Klemm, Anna Shteynshleyger, Alix Smith, Barry Stoneand Foster Witt.

Adventura traces the journeys of several photographers who document with acute subtlety the unusual places found beyond the comfort of our habitual environment. Their wanderlust drives them to explore terrain where uncertainty and mystery prevails. Works in the exhibition range from the dramatic to the mundane, yet in all cases the viewer senses the uneasiness experienced when immersed in the unfamiliar.

Shuli Hallak lived the adventure of being aboard the M.V. Charles Island cargo ship for two weeks, sailing through the Panama Canal, from New York to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Hallak documents the M.V. Charles and other ships up to 900 ft long, their vast cargo and dramatic presence in harbors and at sea, suggesting the inconceivable scale of the global trade network that transports cargo to consumers every day.

Emily Keegin creates diptychs coupling images of solitary figures in nondescript interiors with images of isolated objects extracted from within those interiors. Her interest in the spaces where many lives have passed and the objects that accompanied them creates an uncanny and uneasy mood that is heightened by Keegin’s rendering of a photographic chiaroscuro.

Eric Klemm has enjoyed a distinguished photography career in Germany, the Maldives, France and British Columbia. The documentary nature of his work captures the unique mood of varied landscapes, and a developed interest in painting has influenced the pictorial appeal of his photography.

Anna Shteynshleyger photographs beautiful images of the Siberian landscape, creating an unsettling paradox between the place’s beauty and its history of imprisonment and exile. The landscapes are imbued with an astute integrity, which might also function as an allegorical portrait of exiled refugees of the past.

Alix Smith explores the supernatural, and in this exhibition she explores the mystery of religion in lushly colored photographs that capture the ritual, the extravagance of dress and the architecture associated with Catholicism, presented in scenes of almost otherworldly and vivid opalescence.

Barry Stone captures the mundane landscape marked by subtle oddities of a particular moment. Masterfully captured by Stone’s keen eye, and often presented as storybooks or in groupings, the combined images generate unexpected narratives that provoke the viewer to see relationships that are not immediately perceptible.

Foster Witt’s photography captures the people and places of his travels, from Greenwich to Michigan to Singapore. His unique sense of color and light is evident in Eureka, a brightly lit and disorienting photograph of a figure obscured by the map he or she holds.
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