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Jersey City Museum
350 Montgomery Street, 201-413-0303
Jersey City
September 14, 2006 - January 14, 2007
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This exhibition asks fundamental questions about the tropical landscape and how contemporary artists have used it in their work, either to subvert common (mis)conceptions or simply quote this scenery as part of an everyday experience. Exploring the history of the colonization of the New World as a land of savage and unexpected beauty, this exhibition rejects utopian visions of the tropical landscape that continue to mark their presence in contemporary tourist literature. Instead, artists explore the difficulties inherent in the development of this problematic reading of the tropical landscape.

Featured artists are: Manuel Acevedo, Matías Aguilar, Elia Alba, Adriana Arenas, William Armbruster, Nicole Awai, Terry Boddie, Norton Bush, José Camacho, Javier Cambre, Vladimir Cibyl Charlier, David Antonio Cruz, Jon Cuyson III, María Dominguez, Jeffrey Gibson, GULDSVEINEN (Monika Broz+Andrew Wilkson), Andre Juste, Vandana Jain, Deborah Jack, Kristina Jacob, Jeff Jacobson, G. Jerome, Rajkamal Kahlon, María Lau, Builder Levy, Miguel Luciano, Lynn Mullins, Joan Pamboukes, Wanda Raimundi-Ortíz, Gloria Rodríguez, Natalie Shook, Joseph Stella, Rhonda Tymeson, Mary Valverde, Juana Valdes, Raul Villarreal, Amy Wilson.
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