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Deep Freeze

Mehr (Midtown) Gallery
436 West 18th Street
September 28 - October 28, 2006
Reception: Thursday, September 28, 6 - 8 PM
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Co-curated by Andrew Clark


  • Richard Artschwager
  • Hassan Khan
  • Christopher Lucas
  • Tony Matelli
  • David Moreno
  • Alyson Shotz
  • Shirley Tse

Deep Freeze is the first of a two-part exhibition that forms the debut series at Mehr (Midtown) Gallery.

Deep Freeze is comprised of installation, digital photography, sculpture, and drawing. Much of its work seems to have erased the artist’s hand; in unexpected ways, it is brought back into relief. There are tendencies of repetition, reproduction, and technical invention of precise rendering and scoring. These artists seem to operate in a time out of time: in what frame do their works exist? How does their materiality – including horsehair, silicon, cast brass, vinyl, plastic, glass – affect or preclude traditional cultural readings? In each aspect of the show there is a sense the artist has made her/his mark in absentia. She has hid or disguised her hand only to compel the viewer find it somewhere outside the grain. If it is not always easy to locate a mark, or trace the event of execution, it is nevertheless possible to identify an attitude, which may be cool, mannered, distant, chimerical. Across regions and spanning a broad historical timeline, the artists here assembled work in progressive modes whilst their treatment is carefully reined.
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