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Beat Streuli, L.A.

The Journal Gallery
168 North 1st Street, 718-218-7148
September 23 - October 23, 2006
Reception: Saturday, September 23, 7 - 9 PM
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Within his cannon of multimedia works, Streuli slows down our gaze and directs it dead center towards strangers on the streets that we may overlook or avoid. Through his lenses, he returns expressive and humanistic ownership to an otherwise faceless landscape of urban sprawl creating a cinematic atmosphere of natural individuality.

LA, is a site-specific installation work comprised of larger-than-life wallpaper, two channel video work, and photographic prints whose source materials were originally shot in Venice Beach, Sunset Boulevard and downtown Los Angeles. His documentation maps a puzzle of urban scenes connecting all three points together.

As a cultural tourist, Streuli walked down the streets in “the few places where there are pedestrians to be seen and photographed”, shooting strangers moving from one destination to another. The rest of the time was spent filming a “road movie creating a sequence not in time, but in space” from his car. From this footage, his panels of wallpaper create a pattern of billboard-sized people, groups and signage alluding to the tension experienced in the city. As one stands in front of it, and moves from one “field” to another, one can travel in a timely manner from scene to scene, translating the information pollution from the outside to the edited world inside.

In coordination with the release of the journal magazine (Entry 17, Fall Issue), Beat Streuli’s photographic works will be featured with an interview by Photographic Director of Another Magazine, Emma Reeves. In addition, Murray Guy gallery will be showing Streuli’s Bruxelles Midi video projection through October 21, 2006.
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