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Kay Rosen, Wall Paintings and Drawings

Yvon Lambert New York (closed 25th Street location)
564 West 25th Street, 212-242-3611
September 14 - October 21, 2006
Reception: Thursday, September 14, 6 - 8 PM
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Wall Paintings and Drawings will feature two recent wall paintings, New Orleans 2005 (2005-06) and I Wish I Knew My Neighbor Better (2005-06), as well as works on paper and canvas.

In the front gallery, the two wall paintings, along with the work on canvas Back of the Boat (1996/2006), form a reaction and tribute to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and its effect on New Orleans, where the artist attended college. In the double wall portrait, I Wish I Knew My Neighbor Better, Rosen finds inspiration in the name “Ivory L. Brown,” a resident of her hometown. The back gallery includes seventeen colored pencil works on paper arranged alphabetically by text image, which examine, sometimes humorously, a broad range of issues and ideas.

Rosen has been exploring language through her art for over 25 years, following a formal education in that field. In her paintings, drawings, wall works, collages, editions and published projects, she has used various visual, grammatical, and typographical strategies to release new meaning from found words and phrases, and to challenge the way people read. In this newest body of work, she relies primarily on color to share her discoveries about language. She uses color to distinguish parts of words and articulate them in ways that encourage the viewer to see and think differently about language and what it represents. Rosen has said, “language is used by artists in different ways: for its message, as pop imagery, as texture, for its conceptual content, as surface design…for me the language in my work is primarily about itself, about its structure. At least that’s how it starts out.” But the artist suggests in her new catalogue interview that the vast possibilities of language and art, along with the willing viewer, can potentially take these verbal images far from where they begin as simply structural objects.
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