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What You See is What You Get

18 Erie Gallery
18 Erie Street, Historic downtown, 201-369-7000
Jersey City
October 7 - October 31, 2006
Reception: Saturday, October 21, 2:30 - 5 PM
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Five printmaking artists representing themselves as The Bastards of Print Society®, have created the exhibition What You See Is What You Get!

Coming from the heartlands of America, these five artists are bringing their life experiences from the Midwest into the big city. The clever wits of these artists enable them to produce works that reveal undertones of the serious issues that they deal with in their everyday lives. The artists will present an array of politically incorrect innuendoes in regards to government issues, sexuality and contemporary society.

Brandon Gardner, cofounder of the Bastards of Print Society, makes use of his life experiences to conjure up innovative ways to present the absurdities of society in an artistic and comical manner. His images are bold, in your face, and represent a broad range of subjects including higher learning and misshapen animals to name a few.

Sean Star Wars produces many series of works that introduce the simple abysmal pleasures that we have all fallen victim to at one point in time. His works reference alcohol, smoking, video games, pork, ice cream, revenge and the other little things that people treasure. Star Wars uses a wide variety of bold colors and powerful text that catch the viewer’s eye leaving you wanting more.

Jon Goebel, cofounder of the Bastards of Print Society, creates art works with a surreal-like quality. Primarily featuring distorted female figures, his prints represent a satirical look at people in high society and critiques mannerisms and social barriers we accept in our culture. Many of his works utilize a mix of vague eroticisms, humor, and make use of monochromatic color to give the figures a flat, but bold and arresting look.

Rachel Gardner creates pieces that address political and societal issues through her use of the umbilical cord in her latest series of prints. Born to all humans, the umbilical cord symbolizes an attachment the originator; the mother. Rachel explores issues of motherhood including physical and psychological attachments associated with being a mother herself.

Lloyd Patterson, Jr. explores the fusion of varying political issues that focus mainly on sexuality. Producing cutting edge screen-print media, Lloyd intertwines the beautiful and mundane to evoke shock and bewilderment. With a different style on every piece his works juxtapose everyday society to military life.
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