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Naked Duck Gallery
66 Jackson Street, 718-609-4096
October 13 - November 19, 2006
Reception: Friday, October 13, 7 - 10 PM
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Piercing through the constant babble of media over-saturation, archetypes of ancient times echo with relevancy and continue to inform modern thought and habit. In this group exhibition of New York artists Catherine Tafur, Jenny Walty, Patrick May, Anahita Vossoughi, Radek Szczesny and Paula Stuttman reveal the legends that still haunt the spirit and symbols that fuel our dreams. They awaken the stories that are buried in the hidden corners of our primitive brains by presenting visions that guide, deceive, and illuminate with sense of wonderment.

The artists in Fable are image-crafters of various media. Painting, digital imagery, collage, sculpture, and installation are all used as subtle support for character and environment representation. Some of the tales are familiar, none are predictable. By tweaking the conventionality of common narratives, the artists arrive at conclusions with stronger messages and more loaded meaning. A cryptic Old Maid knitting, a lovely women wandering through clouds, kings maintaining hierarchy and queens with broken crowns are just several of the characters you’ll meet in this unnerving show. Here the path is filled with mist and shamanic dancing, Arabian nights, poisoned castles, and creatures whose stare is hard to hold.
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