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Emi Anrakuji, E.A.S.E

Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects
547 West 27th Street, 2nd Floor, 212-268-7132
October 19 - November 18, 2006
Reception: Thursday, October 19, 6 - 8 PM
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The gallery walls will be covered with more than 500 intimate and spontaneous shots of the artist herself as well as other subjects. Posing naked clothed, and partially dressed, Anrakuji takes a uniquely obsessive interest in her own body. She reveals her legs, hands, toes, lips, teeth, and hair with subtle provocation. In addition, she captures hedonistic and playful images of the phallus, which, in contrast to feminist polemics, celebrates the sublime power of the organ. Blending styles and emotions, nakedness and elaboration, fragments and stories, the real and the surreal, Anrakuji’s work is unsettling in its refusal to conform to established categories. This character of her work bears a strong relationship to her view that life is a continuous cycle of labor and pleasure, much like a Mobius strip. Anrakuji says that her greatest hope is to be able to throw herself into this endless flow.
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