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Agnieszka Brzezanska, Solidarity Solitude

Broadway 1602 (old location)
1182 Broadway (28-29), Apt 1602, 212-481-0362
Flatiron / Gramercy
October 5 - December 1, 2006
Web Site

In this show Bzrezanska, who had her first solo show at the gallery a year ago, presents a compilation of four short movies War, Toy Robot, Warsaw was completely destroyed, Anthem (2006). They are short sequences of home movies made in her house with a scene of artists and writers around her, responding in their own way to the new grotesque politics. The films are consciously amateurish and have a special humble or overdriven humor. In Anthem two protagonists are dancing wildly in a shady living room to a music coming from television. The soundtrack is a strange song performed at the first congress of the leading party.

Although these films are specific to the location and the scene they were produced in, they more generally transport this atmosphere of a contemporary situation where young artists and intellectuals try to find ways to come to terms with very twisted, historically reversed and cryptic significations, an alienating and scary new poetry of the political.

In another piece Vive la Resistance (2006) the artist has photographed friends wearing little resistors on their dresses, which were used by people associating with the opposition during the martial law time in the early 80s for recognizing each other in the streets. Underneath these images, which look first like contemporary fashion shots, is a box filled with resistors that people can take with them. There is a casualness to these images, a greatly softened contemporary image using an almost untraceable relic, a former signifier which has lost its meaning, now easily transferred into another realm of meaning.
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