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Hugo Markl, Calcium

Andre Schlechtriem
600 Washington Street, 212-929-6119
Greenwich Village
October 7 - November 11, 2006
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This exhibition will include 58-framed photographs, entitled Brown, each an image of a unique collage which the artist destroyed prior to the exhibition. There will also be 7 sculptures on display. Two bronze sculptures entitled Vertikales Erdarmloch (literally `vertical earth arm hole’). These works are casts of the negative space of a hole in the ground which the artist had had his arm within. The end result is a rough vertical form with a hidden negative space of the artist’s outstretched arm within it. Also on display are 5 untitled sculptures made of steel which depict tree’s littered with nooses, each tree capped with a heavy steel plate. Several of these works are displayed on the crates they were shipped in.

Hugo Markl’s oeuvre is driven by an effort to point at current cultural myths which are drawn from the classical cycle of drama: beginning, climax and resolution. In this way Hugo’s works deal with areas of consumption based in the imagination, yet which hold great weight within our culture. Markl finds this fantasy drama and how this enterprise relates to endlessly debated topics on art, culture and consumption. He turns negative and positive impressions into psychological, process-driven works. Through a post-studio practice, Markl’s subject tends toward the every day exposure to culture and how these are consumed on an individual basis. In these works Markl arranges a collision between some formal device and an often-challenging issue such as prejudice or the fallout from rabid consumer consumption.
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