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Charles H. Traub, Indecent Exposure, Photographs from 1980-1982

Daniel Cooney Fine Art
511 West 25th Street, Suite 506, 212-255-8158
November 16 - December 6, 2006
Reception: Thursday, November 16, 6 - 8 PM
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The early color work of Charles H. Traub, began with an ad that was placed in a local paper calling for nude models. Those who responded, mostly women, did so with a variety of motives, from the need for money to exhibitionism. Traub was interested in making images that were not typical of the stylized photographic female nudes of the time. His models reveal a variety of emotions and project as many attitudes.

Carol Squires expresses her view in a 1984 issue of Vanity Fair:

Sexuality, profit and aesthetics are the major ingredients of almost every photograph of a nude woman. Charles Traub disrupts that holy triad with his nude and seminude female figure studies. His models arrive via the ads he places in the “adult entertainment” section of a local paper, and, other fantasies aside, his pictures are about the way these average, mainly white women undress in front of a stranger with a camera. Directed only to disrobe and sometimes to stop in mid-motion, the women are variously forthright, awkward, and self-protective, struggling to act natural in a situation that is supremely artificial. Traub manages visually to dissect the myth of the sexually photogenic woman in pictures of naked ladies that are disconcerting, embarrassing and absolutely riveting.
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