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Little Monsters

AG Gallery/About Glamour
107A North 3rd Street, 718-599-3044
October 20 - November 19, 2006
Reception: Friday, October 20, 7 - 10 PM
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Little Monsters, is a group exhibition of four artists who work within the idea of children as sentimentalized creatures in uncertain reality. Selected works are ranges from painting, drawing to silkscreen print, all in fantastical scenes and nostalgia.

Maria Isabel Arango expresses that children “belong to someone else.” These children in her paintings don’t exist as individual and are tied to others by imaginary threads. The threads are also attached to their past and future seeking elements of their existence. Yet, they fail to find the way and are stuck “in a created fantasy world, never want to grow up.” Arango offers the idea that these threads link people not only in the childhood but also in our society.

Jodi Brown is interested in twisting the popular imagery and cultural icon to realize unpleasant realities that the American culture attempts to deny. In her latest series, Nick, she breaks apart and reassembles traditional images of children with Santa Claus. A friendly guy with a big white beard in red suites is usually an icon of Santa Claus and the children are the subject matter whose faces are full of happiness to emphasize a happy Christmas memories. In “Nick”, Brown questions these traditional Christmas images by putting the roll of unfamiliar old ugly guy to Santa Claus and making the children anonymous with a facial expression of fear.

Fay Ku often uses children as a group of army fighting in a war scene. The little figures hold guns, lances and all sorts of weapon and point them to the invisible enemies. They become dangerous collectives, yet, with a sense of innocence and ignorance. Ku creates the imaginary war scenarios with these little characters to make the disturbing scenes a fairy tale.

Hiroyuki Nakamura creates immature looking character that is disturbed in its sexuality. These characters are “at vulnerable, bleak, and unstable moment of life” and seek the way to express its beauty. They could be innocent and pure as well as violent and unfamiliar, living in the perfect world they imagined, yet in uncomfortable situation.
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