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Bronx River Art Center
305 East 140th Street, #1A, 718-589-5819
November 4 - December 9, 2006
Reception: Saturday, November 4, 2 - 6 PM
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Drift, an exhibition organized by artist Eileen Torpey characterizes the qualities of contemporary ephemeral and site-specific art. This year marks the fourth annual show and will include 28 emerging artists from the greater New York metropolitan area, New Mexico, Oregon and California who address these concerns through sculpture, video, drawing, painting, installation, photography and performance art. There will be a one-day Performance Art & Outdoor Installation Art event in conjunction with the gallery’s opening reception.


Danielle Abrams & Tommy Mintz (performance) Gretchen Bennett (drawings/sculpture) Jillian Conrad (site sculpture) Sydney Freeland (video) Rico Gatson (paintings/sculpture) Bill Gilbert & Tori Arpad (video) Andrew Guenther (site sculpture) Robert Hernandez (sculpture) Gloria Huong (site sculpture) Cindy Imhoff (performance drawing/photography) Matthew Day Jackson (sculpture) Franky Kong (site sculpture) Ken Landauer (sculpture) Roberta Melzl (site painting) Alex Morel (photography) Tiffany Pollack (site sculpture) Trevino L. Brings Plenty (video) Armando Espinosa Prieto (video) Shawn Records (photography) Renato Riccioni (drawings/paintings) Zachariah Rockhill (performance/video) Cordy Ryman (site sculpture) Alicia Wargo (site sculpture) Aaron Williams (sculpture) Sheilah Wilson (site sculpture) Haeri Yoo (drawings)
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