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Natural Reaction

Tastes Like Chicken Art Space
300 Morgan Avenue, 718-384-0456
November 3 - December 3, 2006
Reception: Friday, November 3, 8 - 10 PM
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Humankind has a complex and often volatile relationship with the natural environment. Sometimes, the results of that bond have been disturbingly dystopian with humans attempting to dominate and disrupt their environment only to face real or perceived threats in return. The 14 artists featured in Natural Reaction use media such as sculpture, video, drawing, photography, and sound to question this relationship, as well as very idea of the “natural”.

Megan Cump, Carl Eckoff, Carlee Fernandez, G77, Jeremy Kidd, Kenric McDowell, Komar&Melamid, Iain Machell, Miranda Maher, Ryan Mrozowski, Heidi Neilson, Walter Sipser, Adam Stennett, Thomas Zummer

Curated by Summer Guthery and David Smith
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