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Fletcher Boote and Jimi Hamilton, Proximity and Distance – Reflections on Landscape

Repetti (old location)
44-02 23rd Street, 4th floor, 718-670-3226
Long Island City
November 5 - November 30, 2006
Reception: Saturday, November 4, 7 - 9 PM
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Landscape is a way to investigate the universal sensation of journeying from near to far, from self to other, from thought to action. Both artists have worked within this paradigm to create an exhibition of independent but related work.

Fletcher Boote will show a series of postcard panorama, landscapes created by juxtaposing existing postcard images. Her fascination with this process began in South Africa several years ago, when she began to collect these landscapes. Back in the studio, she uses the cards to question the relationship between found and transformed as she creates new landscapes in a nonlinear format.

Jimi Hamilton will be showing landscapes in watercolor and oil, varying in size from intimate to expansive. Each painting is made from a self contained world of abstracted shapes that together create a sense of land, sky, and water. Figures emerge and disappear under looming skies and luminescent horizons. The images stem from extensive studies made from observation outdoors, both in the city and in the country.
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