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Robert Greene

Robert Miller Gallery
524 West 26th Street, 212-366-4774
January 18 - February 24, 2007
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Robert Greene’s new body of abstract paintings are similar to his landscapes with their open-ended dreaminess. The new paintings engage the viewer to examine closer specific details in a conceptual form as light and atmosphere shine through color and texture.

The paintings speak of an art based on the skill of craft and the dialogue with material. They have a particular elegance. The process is like a remix where something new is created from his repositioning of many individual parts. It is an aesthetic project of distinct color and texture exploration. A happy feeling of repetition, order and coincidence, extended time and expanse are addressed with these like deconstructed paintings. They have universality with wide open endless panoramas. Depending on the light source, the paintings change and evolve throughout the day and evening, due to their unique surfaces. Oil paint on 1/4” aluminum panels lay flush to the wall and accentuate a sensation of sleekness.

These abstract paintings have a je ne c’est quoi factor with the feeling of resort or spring emotion as memory is evoked. It is as if a wide open highway leads the viewer through various dialogs. Welcome to the abstract Greene-land.
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