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Joseph Nechvatal and Huston Ripley, Metaphysics and the Virtual

The Roger Smith Lab Gallery
501 Lexington Avenue, at 47th Street, 212-339-2092
December 14 - December 23, 2006
Reception: Friday, December 15, 6:30 - 9 PM
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This exhibition will focus on the works of two artists whose endeavors in the realm of an aesthetic/conceptual practice represents an overlay between the rehabilitation of metaphysics and the virtuality of the information age.

Joseph Nechvatal is one of the leading computer artists working in the realm of virtual telematics today. Beginning in the early eighties, Nechvatal used the alloverness – so prescient at the time in formalist painting – as an inversion of itself in order to evoke the need for an expanded content through virtual thinking and photo-mechanical processes.

Conversely, Huston Ripley’s densely-compacted drawings on 16-ply sheets of folded Japan paper remark on the potential for re-asserting value in the representation of the human body – less in political terms, than in the realm of the metaphysical.

Nechvatal and Ripley would appear to represent two sides of the same phenomenon, antipodes that are revealing themselves within the informational speed and excess of today.
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