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Pam Anderson, Esoteric Blanket: recent works on paper

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts
529 West 20th Street, 212-366-5368
January 4 - February 3, 2007
Reception: Saturday, January 27, 6 - 8 PM
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Pam Anderson’s stitched, drawn and collaged paper works explore the space between sentiment and pure formalism. Drawing meaning from everyday events, such as a friend’s bridal shower, a bad date, heartbreak, a tragic death, or a single ordinary day, Anderson’s work retells these tales using “a formal economy where quiet sound dominates.” Tokens of these events (shopping lists, pink tape, wood from a boyfriends shop) are collected and collaged to delicately stitched pieces of blue, white and sand colored papers that form the landscapes of Anderson’s stories. The people, or more aptly, the characters of her work resonate in collaged references such as paperdoll dress shapes, zippers and prescription pills. The narrative of these events however is never quite clear as the priority of arrangement is given to abstraction and formal considerations. What remains is a playful yet sinister connection to the past as Anderson seeks to arrange these events in memory. The physicality of the work and the sweetness of sentiment are personable, and connect to the internal and meditative elements of her work. While the object-ness and the vocabulary of collage connects directly to the external world. Anderson’s form of commemorative storytelling explores the fragile beauty of connections and captures a knowing sadness for what’s missing, what the artist calls “the quiet sound of sentiment.”
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