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Group Exhibition

OK Harris Works of Art
383 West Broadway, 212-431-3600
January 13 - February 10, 2007
Reception: Saturday, January 13, 3 - 5 PM
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Richard Wetzel hunts and harvests bits and pieces from his natural surroundings. He combines and assembles these fragments, seeking to produce new configurations that appear to harbor voices and powers of their own. The resulting forms resemble fetish objects from some forgotten tribe.

Joan Robey’s sculpture utilizes old and discarded objects and brings them into a fresh context. Her materials, chosen for their markings and form, are combined into simple, poetic assemblies. The completed sculptures speak to aspects common to man, nature and physics; elements such as gravity, inertia, chance and relationship. The work explores the impact of forces and events and expresses themes of movement/repose, tension/equilibrium, attraction/repulsion.

The works in the Dan Douke’s current exhibition are straight-foward illusionist paintings on canvas. The box painting GTX, 2006, is a five sided construction in the configuration of an open-ended carton. The painting DOW, 2006 is an 8×4 foot canvas that emulates industrial material. Everything that meets the eye; scuffed, rubbed and worn marks, lettering and graphics are all hand-painted and rendered painstakingly with brush. These are paintings that acknowledge the things observed in everyday life, the mundane objects that most people overlook.

Working with a medium format camera and in traditional black and white fashion, Anders Goldfarb seeks out the beauty and serenity of neglected, abandoned and time worn subjects in the urban and rural landscape.

Cara Wood-Ginder infuses her still-lifes with optimism, irony, spiritualism, even sarcasm, but cloaked in artistic realism. These paintings resemble small blackboards with miniature chalk drawings in the corners. In the center of each panel is a tightly realistic oil painting of some everyday object. The fact that the picture in the center is surrounded by strange diagrams which seemingly don’t have much to do with the image, gives it a second dimension; The paintings subconsciously suggest to the viewer a variety of ideas, such as “learning” and “analysis”. They are studies in the elegance of symmetry and simplicity, but speak to complexity and depth at the same time.
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