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Andrew Krieger, Recent Works

511 Gallery
529 West 20th Street, #8W, 212-255-2885
January 11 - February 17, 2007
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Andrew Krieger: Recent Works is an exhibition showing new drawings and sculpture by the artist, which continue to explore the characters and structures of his invented world called Deep Ellum.

Krieger’s work is rooted in the media with which he works. His use of sensitive ink, gouache, metallic paints, photo retouch and washes combined with his varied techniques of incising, engraving and etching lends itself to the creation of these surreal and whimsical environments. Krieger has translated his background in printmaking and engraving into his drawings and sculptures, making his compositions rich visual tableaus. In these works, he creates a sense of nostalgia for another time and place: The drawings feel like displaced objects from a curiosity cabinet, while relevant and meaningful in the present context.

Through his creation of square wheels with sharp spikes and off-kilter tables with spindly legs, Krieger has created a surreal world in which everything has an inherent impracticality. In Outreach Platform for the Lending Library of Useless Knowledge, Krieger expresses a Dadaist sense of the absurd by creating a fracture of a building full of reading tables, a helpdesk, and stacks upon stacks of books; which one can only assume are full of a lot of nothing. A town of expressionless miners, empty edifices and unimportant officials, make up the world of Deep Ellum – a fictional one of the future that Krieger has been developing for some time.
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