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You Can Have It All

Salvation Gallery
450 West 41st Street, 4th Floor, #406, Hunter College MFA studio Building, 347-307-2444
Hell's Kitchen
February 24 - March 17, 2007
Reception: Saturday, February 24, 6 - 8 PM
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Through human understanding and coexistence, lies the ability to know oneself and to know others in a deeper way. With all of this work in the exhibitions, there is no interest in changing public opinion or agenda, but instead to dismantle certain perceptions about the art market and in turn a gift economy. These works are about the everyday, the mundane, and the complex notion of generosity.

You Can Have It All is occurring at a time when many artists are making objects and creating services that are given freely. They do not require a fee, nor is there an expectation of reciprocity. Instead, these artists are trying to find a way of creating community, and indirectly, long lasting relationships with the receiver. Much like the gaia hypothesis, these artists hope to create a change within their own community that will then ripple out, creating far reaching effects that penetrate beyond their local territories.

-Lori Gordon and Ashley Neese, curators.

Artists: Jen Delos Reyes (Canada), Jason Fulford (New York), Lori Gordon (San Francisco), Ben Guttin (New York), Hope Hilton (New York), Ginny Kleker (Oakland), Megan McCready (Minneapolis), Ashley Neese (San Francisco), Daniel Purbrick (San Francisco), Sal Randolph (New York), Mike Slack (Los Angeles). Guest author: Shana Agid (New York)
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