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The Dating Show

3rd Ward
195 Morgan Avenue, 718.715.4961
February 9 - March 22, 2007
Reception: Friday, February 9, 6 - 9 PM
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Otto Berchem, Alison Carter, Chema Castelló, Beth Cook, Anna Craycroft, Discoteca, Flaming Star, Leila Feuer, Matt Keegan, Takugi Kogo, Aaron Krach Golan Levin, John Miller, Iki Nakagawa, Ashley Neese, Nadine Norman, Christopher Patch, Ana Prvacki, Petra Valentova

Brooklyn, NY—Featuring the work of 18 established and emerging artists working in a wide variety of media, this exhibition is the first to showcase art pertaining to the theme of dating and relationships in the 21st century.

Dating is an all-pervasive social phenomenon in the United States. As a quest for companionship and sexual liaison, the construct of dating is a prominent presence in our everyday lives, regardless of whether we ourselves are actively taking part in the dating scene. The cultural phenomenon makes its appearance in TV shows and commercials, newspaper personal ads and widely advertised Internet dating websites as well as in bars, at work or even at the grocery store. The “rules” of dating determine a great number of our inter-personal relations. Investigating and exposing these rules will give insight into the politics inherent in courtship behaviours, mate selection, and romantic stereotypes.

The artists included in this show manifest an awareness of the numerous implications of contemporary dating. Intertwining their art with their powers of social observation and critique, these artists propose a subversion of the dating principles. The contemporary dating phenomenon-its evolving standards, institutions and “rules”-is fertile ground for their witty and provocative artistic explorations.
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