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Indre Serpytyte, A State of Silence

Yossi Milo Gallery (531 West 25th)
531 West 25th Street, 212-414-0370
March 8 - April 15, 2007
Reception: Thursday, March 8, 6 - 8 PM
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Yossi Milo Gallery inaugurates the North Gallery with an exhibition of color photographs by Indre Serpytyte entitled A State of Silence. The opening of Ms. Serpytyte’s show in the North Gallery will coincide with the opening of an exhibition of Takashi Yasumura’s photographs in the existing gallery. All of the photographs in Takashi Yasumura’s series Domestic Scandals were taken in his middle-class parents’ Japanese home over the course of seven years. Images of simple interiors and common domestic objects, such as rolls of toilet paper, a stapler or a plastic bowl of oranges, juxtapose traditional Japanese sensibility with modern, often manufactured Western elements, making the everyday appear alien, hyperreal and humorous.

Ms. Serpytyte’s series was inspired by the mysterious death of the artist’s father, who had been a minister in the Lithuanian government. The family was informed that he died in a car accident and was given few details about the circumstances surrounding his sudden death. Faced with a lack of information, Ms. Serpytyte began what she refers to as “indefatigable investigations” into what happened to her father and to begin this series of still-life photographs.

The artist transforms what might otherwise be seen as mundane items of daily life – an officer’s cap, an old-fashioned typewriter, a telephone wrapped by its cord – into signifiers of loss. The 20×24-inch glossy C-prints depict single objects against ambiguous, dark backgrounds.
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