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Brenna Youngblood, Murder by the Banks

Wallspace Gallery
619 West 27th Street, ground floor, 212-594-9478
March 23 - April 21, 2007
Reception: Friday, March 23, 6 - 8 PM
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Brenna Youngblood combines painting and photography to create layered compositions that move between representation and abstraction. Culling materials from a personal image archive, Youngblood treats her own photographs as stand-ins for the found imagery typically used in collage. The resulting works, made with acrylic, resin, photographs and spray paint, are dense accumulations of voices and styles that complicate the aesthetics of urban representations.

Four new works comprise Murder by the Bank, including Witness and Capital One. In each, domestic objects (clocks, light bulbs, a kitten) seem to offer a counterpoint to their loaded titles, creating an elliptical narrative rich in its just-out-of-reach symbology.
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