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In the end, the endless line exploring the science of love

Secret Project Robot
210 Kent Ave
April 7 - April 28, 2007
Reception: Saturday, April 7, 6 - 9 PM
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The works of Maya Hayuk, Tara Jane O’Neil, John S. Vitale and Liz Haley in in the end, the endless line an interdisciplinary installation explore the metaphysics of love and life where each artist transforms the Aristotelean question of: what it is to be anything at all.

With the so called death of god at the turn of the century and the death of art in the 90’s there has been an abandonment of philosophy to nihilism or in criticism a recurrent use of now irrelevant language and solutions of the past to define what is happening currently.

And yet Physics has advanced far into the future describing the smallest particle in the known layers of the universe to be a quark, a quark is only a point in space with out shape or structure, but a quark is in all fundamental interactions of matter, working as an invisible binder upon the universe.

In in the end , the endless line The artists will approach this interconnectivity as something philosophical and beautiful, and better yet hopeful. For, perhaps, the world is becoming a smaller place but in a positive way. With science’s recognition of our undeniable subatomic link to one and other we are all connected all the time, and in essence, perhaps that is what it is to be anything at all, to be everything at once.
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