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Stacy Fisher, The Daily Sun

Brooklyn Fire Proof (Richardson)
101 Richardson Street, between Leonard St. and Meeker Ave., 718-302-4702
April 13 - June 3, 2007
Reception: Friday, April 13, 7 - 10 PM
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Stacy Fisher’s handmade sculptures are the result of a process of collecting shapes and surfaces from the existing world to make hybrid forms. They are a blend of active and passive viewing, highlighting details and relationships as subject matter.

Inspired by tales of legendary figures like Perseus, and the 1984 arcade game Paperboy. The Daily Sun presents fragments from stories like props on a stage. By mixing the old with the new, Fisher melds objects from ancient myths or mysteries into suburban look-a-likes. Subjects emerge from sculpted stone while other works use raw materials such as concrete and clay to add to the hybrid make-up.

In the video game Paperboy, the player’s objectives are to successfully deliver newspapers to subscribing customers or vandalize the homes of non-subscribers while riding a bike along a given route and avoiding obstacles along the way. After all lives are lost, the player gets a review in the paper and either “calls it quits” or is depicted as a hero. Works in The Daily Sun explore similarities between ancient relics and everyday objects through overlapping metaphors of life’s quests and struggles. Whether slaying Medusa or delivering a paper, Fisher’s sculptural interest lies in objects that line the course of the path.
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