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Dara Friedman, Tigertail

Gavin Brown's Enterprise
620 Greenwich Street, 212-627-5258
Greenwich Village
April 14 - May 12, 2007
Reception: Saturday, April 14, 6 - 8 PM

When you close one eye and make a little telescope with your hand and look down through it, it’s like looking through a camera lens, a telescope, tunnel, a keyhole. When I look down the lens, it’s as if the horizontal line of the frame, the new horizon, and the verticals, say the trees, the vertical edges of the frame, snap to attention- a 1:1.33 rectangular salute.

I love the rectangle; the rectangle loves. Everything that’s placed inside it. Looking at a cross with double vision- voila, a rectangle. Our cosmic order. But it’s not only the rectangle, it’s also the act of closing one eye and what happens in the brain when you do this. I don’t really know what happens- scientifically. But I know it sensationally. You can feel the synapses of the brain being rerouted when you close one eye. With a snap, crackle, pop you fall down a tube and what is there is in focus and has my attention. Tunnel vision. Meditation really. So these views of the keyhole are looking at the Looker.

Then the shape of the keyhole has it’s own power. An ankh disguised as a keyhole. I find the downward rays deeply attractive. In any case, I’m not alone. So did Blake and of course the pyramids.

As to Tigertail, there’s a lot to say, so I shouldn’t really have kept it for last, but I’m going to keep it short for now. It’s the street I live on, and so I suppose that makes Tigertail a home movie of sorts. I got there by way of Mallarm√©.
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