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Mystical Doctrine of Universal Communication

Secret Project Robot
210 Kent Ave
May 12 - June 9, 2007
Reception: Saturday, May 12, 6 - 8 PM
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Mystical Doctorine of Universal Communication is an installation based on a moment a go, and a new future for today, a show that explores the Mighty Robot A/V Squad. A group of New York projection based artists inspired by 1960’s psychedelia, rave culture, and the deconstructive idealism of fluxus.

Their work emphasizes discovering meaning in the meaningless, through a careful yet clumsy overlay of 8mm/16mm film, digital reproduction, oil & water, crystals, prisms, overhead transparencies: projected,filmed, and then reprojected and refilmed an intricate world is produced with texture and depth all guided by chance and how well the equipment was working on that day.

Their work has been described as reflecting peaks of reality that have been left behind through the incidental forces of existence. It’s like capturing the surrealism of a dream and then living it, if just for a moment…

The tools they use tend to be the guiding force telling an unknown story, incidentally, they make full acquiescence to the authority of the equipment, and act only as conveyors of information, acknowledging that they do not exist at all, and actually preferring it.

The Mighty Robot A/V squad consists of: Erik Z., Etain Fitzpatrick, Brock Munroe, Nick Hallet, Artur Arbit,Melody plus many helpers.
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