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New Eden


Tastes Like Chicken Art Space
300 Morgan Avenue, 718-384-0456
May 18 - June 10, 2007
Reception: Friday, May 18, 8 - 10 PM
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A real New Eden would be anti-Historical. A New Eden would be a world less concerned with etiology as it is with genealogy. It would be a place where the sun would shine differently on everyone for all time, on people who will be born and who will all certainly die. It would shine with a poetic intensity or to physical distraction, unique at each passing moment, yet universally known. These moments would be perpetually reborn without end and studied as instances in the realm of human sentiment as opposed to definition. They would be experiences not truths. A New Eden would commence when there are no beginnings perceived, no ends acknowledged, when History embraces accident and we are finally living the endless story which started as a chaotic shadow wherein only the smallest bits of light are decipherable and can never be reformed. —excerpt from A. Form

Featuring the artwork of: Amelia Biewald Sherry Bittle Carl D’Alvia Sarah Emerson Bethany Jean Fancher Amie Robinson with an essay by A. Form
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