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The Line of Time, and The Plane of Now

Harris Lieberman Gallery
89 Vandam Street, 212-206-1290
May 31 - June 30, 2007
Reception: Thursday, May 31, 6 - 8 PM
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Organized by Jacob Dyrenforth, Ohad Meromi, and Halsey Rodman

Andy Alexander, Ian Cooper + Anna Craycroft, Jacob Dyrenforth, Rachel Foullon, Christy Gast, David Hardy + Abbey Williams, Hilary Harnischfeger, Matthew Day Jackson, Kathleen Johnson, Jon Kessler, Fabienne Lasserre, Pam Lins, David Maljkovic, Ohad Meromi, John Pearson, Adam Rabinowitz, Lisi Raskin, Halsey Rodman, Amy Sillman, Allison Smith, Sara VanDerBeek

We began with a shared interest in sculpture that is a threshold to a space of fiction and narrative. These works do not describe or detail a series of events, but rather, are open ended and act as ambassadors for some larger story. In considering an object as a work of fiction, we are proposing a way to have a consensual relationship with the ideas suggested by that object. Fiction requires the reader’s participation and does not even exist without the reader’s engagement. These objects are both in this world, and allude to another world. We say this knowing that our feet are planted on the same ground as the objects we behold, and it is here that the crucial link occurs between quotidian life and the possibility for something more. Naturally, the show will define sculpture in the widest and most inclusive terms, requiring only that the work is not media specific, and that it’s focus is on the “object” be it sculpture, drawing, photography, or video. -Curators’ Statement

Harris Lieberman and Wallspace are pleased to present The Line of Time, and The Plane of Now, a group exhibition occurring simultaneously at both locations. The third part of the exhibition will occur in a limited edition artist book, on view at both galleries.

Organized by Jacob Dyrenforth, Ohad Meromi and Halsey Rodman, the exhibition takes its title from the 1974 song “Eternal Life” by Shira Small, and maps the constellation-like dialogues between artists working with a related set of ideas about narrative, emphasizing poetic, rather than didactic, juxtapositions between works.

The works included in The Line of Time, and The Plane of Now explore ideas of character development, history, science fiction, politics, and psychology through various approaches to object-making. The artists in the exhibition exemplify a more literary approach in their work, alluding to broad stories in complex ways, rather than producing dioramas or storyboards. Choosing narrative as an entry point for their work rather than the history of a medium (painting, photography, etc.), they have defined their artistic practices in open and inclusive ways. The scope of a narrative becomes a container large enough to hold their wide and varied practices.
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