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Summer Invitational Exhibition

OK Harris Works of Art
383 West Broadway, 212-431-3600
June 2 - July 13, 2007
Reception: Saturday, June 2, 3 - 5 PM
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George Blakely The Text/Image series was a project involving the deconstruction and reconfiguration of selective publications including encyclopedias, dictionaries, art history and photo history textbooks. The works are produced by surgically slicing the images in the order they were published in the books, minus the text, into massive two sided collages.

Vladimir Grigorovich This series of paintings presents individual metal industrial containers. Although the objects depicted are utterly mundane and utilitarian, the artist’s treatment of them is emotional and lavishes such attention on light and surface that the cans transform into icons and treasures.

Richard Hanson Richard Hanson’s watercolors attempt to blend a sense of reality with everyday societal issues. He conjures up scenes of hopelessness, desperation, and other aspects of the human experience.

James Herbert Painting in a monumental scale, James Herbert is nonetheless able to transmit an intimate, personal examination of figurative abstraction. The complex surfaces and textures perform as narratives that illuminate a world of monsters and figures that are at once alien and human.

Moses Hoskins This series of minimal, poetic, abstract collages continues the artist’s investigation of juxtaposed material forms. Their delicate, whimsical presence belies the rawness of the mundane materials used in the process.

Mary Mazziotti Inspired by illuminated medieval manuscripts and portrait miniatures, this series of minute paintings contained within metal boxes also explores the notion of treasures or collections that can be carried around by the owner.

Robert Mielenhausen Robert Mielenhausen’s work depict the street life and architecture of lower Manhattan. He extends and abstracts the elements of his photographs by utilizing acrylic paint and mixed media as a way to unite the two disciplines and to capture the glow of the City.

Jill O’Bryan The “breathing drawings” of Jill O’Bryan are meditations. Each of the thousands of small square sketches are drawn during the duration of one breath, and are a kind of “diary” of her breathing process.

Byoung Ok Min Ms. Min creates square acrylic abstract paintings with a irregular folded piece of canvas attached to the surfaces. The attached shape adds a textural dimension underneath the heavily poured and painted surface, covered with abstract shapes and ghost-like forms.

Stephen Taylor These paintings all depict a single oak tree painted over the course of three years. The artist considers the act of painting what one sees to be an attempt at painting perception. “You cannot make an oak tree, but an oak tree can help you make a picture of what it’s like to see one”.

John Thomas These paintings are sculptural at their core. The subject is a phenomenological event; light casting shadows, transparency and reflection. Representing all aspects of light without the hand of the painter impeding the viewers’ experience. In these works a single canvas seems to be geometric shapes arranged in a specific order.

Stan Wiederspan A series of paintings depicting ordinary cardboard boxes as if they were 17th century Dutch still life objects, these works are both mysterious and meditative. They glow with an amber light, and the absolutely utilitarian aspect of the source material is transformed into something almost mystically evocative.
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