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Michel Würthle and His Companions, Too Far for Binoculars

15 Gramercy Park South, Suite 8D, 212-995-1785
Flatiron / Gramercy
June 28 - July 27, 2007
Reception: Thursday, June 28, 6 - 8 PM
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Nyehaus is pleased to present Michel Würthle and His Companions: Too Far for Binoculars.

The concept of the show is to create a dense tapestry of the past, present and hopefully future of my own artworks and collaborations with people (artists and artisans) since 1960 in Vienna until this current exhibition at Nyehaus. Since the age of 15, I sought the company and friendship of artists. Throughout my life, the judgement and opinion of a few (a very few) artists is for me of the highest importance. To be an “artist’s artist” gives me the satisfaction I need. This is what I seek. For this exhibition, I selected works that related to my reality, my life: paintings, drawings, writings, posters, books, movies and architectures. The more outrageous the density of works, the better. The fact remains that if I can prove to myself that these four decades of struggle have been worth it, I’ll be satisfied. My first impulse was to include merely 20 to 30 people in this exhibition orgy- but after several months of working on the project I discovered that I needed to drastically increase this number due to my commitment to authenticity (although this is not necessarily my primary fetish). Too many of these people are dead, some are famous, some have been dismissed from art and others, like myself, are still living and producing. Recently, I created a painting with Haralampi Oroschakoff. At this very moment I am also working with Herbert Volkmann, and with Daniel Richter on a large oil on canvas… hoping that it dries before shipping to New York. During my years of friendship with Damien Hirst, we produced close to a dozen paintings together (in the Atelier of Nazi Breker). One from this group, Crime In Oil, has shipped to New York already. Apart from my art productions, I eat my way through a mountain of memorabilia; material that will serve to feed the vitrines as well as the catalogue that will be produced later this summer. If one inch of wall space remains, I will stuff it full with some kind of media. I am in a rage and jive has taken over! Post-exhibition depression here I come. – Michel Würthle, Berlin

Caterina Würthle Carolina Würthle Cosima von Bonin Ingrid Wiener Renate Geiss Sarah Lucas Maria Papadimitriou Elfie Semotan Elfie Tripamer Ina Barfuss Pia Dehne Diana von Hohenthal Christina Gartner Peter Beard Al Hansen Martin Kippenberger Markus Lüpertz Dieter Roth Oswald Wiener Herbert Volkmann Hubert Kiecol Christopher Wool Walter Pichler Raimund Abraham Haralampi Oroschakoff Georg Baselitz Friedrich Carl Würthle Fritz Würthle Nicola Cipani Christopher William Helmut Newton Kurt Kocherscheidt Werner Büttner Markus Oehlen Andrea Stappert Christian Steinmeier Albert Oehlen John Fotopoulos Wilfried Mistlberger Heimito von Doderer H.C. Artmann Thomas Wachweger Dash Snow Peter Doig Otto Mühl Attersee Manuel Bonik Jürgen Teller Vassilis Kalantzis Julian Schnabel Jörg Immendorff Björn Roth André Rival Bernd Koberling Erwin Kneihsl Konrad Bayer Daniel Richter Hubert Fichte Damien Hirst Peter Pilz Fritz Sammer Günther Brus Helmut Middendorf Fritz Larenz Chèri Samba Robin Page Arnulf Rainer Guy Debord Gerhard Rühm Daniel Charms Rosa Pock Christian Bernard Maria Würthle Jeanette Papazoglou Herbert Fuchs Jonathan Meese Jean Marc Patras Jean Paul Jacobs Gunther Sachs Tim Nye Cecilia Brown Reinald Nohal Jörg Schlick Johannes Wohnseifer Michael Krebber Roberto Ohrt Diederich Diedrichsen Robert Klemmer Ferry Rodax Otto Kelmer Rebecca Horn Robert Lucander Alfred Kubin Emmett Williams Daniel Spoerri Valeria Heisenberg Franz Vana Larry Clark Stephen Prina Savinio Eckart Britsch Meuser Raymond Pettibon Pierre Klossowski Rebecca Horn Ruth francken Peter Weibel Birgit Dieker Julia Strauss Gerd van Dülmen Caroline Stummel Jörg Schlick
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